Common Cayenne Pepper Side Effects

Do you love cayenne pepper? Then you must also know what the possible cayenne pepper side effects are, so you will be able to avoid or at the least manage them. Cayenne pepper or red pepper is an herb used as a dish condiment and is alsoused to make medicines. It is not new in the herbal medicine industry since most of its usage and benefits are proven already. It proves to be a good medicine in the prevention of various diseases. However, like other herbal medicines or like other medicines, cayenne pepper also has several side effects.

Taking and ingesting cayenne pepper is basically safe provided that onlya sufficient amount is taken. Red pepper will just be dangerous if high dosage is ingested due to false beliefs that too much intake will also benefit greatlyor due negligence of the one taking it.

Secondary Effects of Cayenne Pepper

Not having the knowledge on what red pepper can do to you does not exempt you to the possible side effects it may bring. Knowing these side effects would be necessary to help you in being aware especially if you mostly love to eat hot and spicy foods that contains high amount of cayenne pepper.

  • Mouth and throat complications

Powdered cayenne, if added to a tea at a high dosage, may cause mouth and throat irritations. Severe cases of this might also result to mouth and throat ulcerations.

  • Stomach and digestive system complications

Ingesting too much cayenne might lead to gastrointestinal distress that includes diarrhea and stomach ulcers. With this, you might experience burning bowel movements regularly. You may also suffer severe abdominal pain.

  • Allergies

There are some who are allergic to cayenne pepper even from birth so as a result of taking too much red pepper, severe allergies may occur.

  • Others

Other side effects include bleeding, dark colored urine, eyes turning yellow, and nausea.

Cayenne pepper is basically combined with other food ingredients since it has the ability to give spice on the dishes. Aside from this, it also acts as a medicinal ingredient that can relieve pain, enhance blood circulation, and promote weight loss. Also, you can take a look to most common cayenne pepper substitutes.


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Proper Dosage to Avoid Cayenne Pepper Side Effects

A proper dosage should be observed all the time to ensure that no undesired effects would occur. As what the University of Maryland Medical Center prescribed, a person can take up to 30 to 120 mg of red pepper at most 3 times a day. It is achieved by combining 1 teaspoon of cayenne powder in one cup of hot water.


Benefits That Combat Cayenne Pepper Side Effects

By following the proper dosage, avoiding the side effects of cayenne pepper would be easy and you canalso gain the following benefits:


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All food condiments or all medicinal herbs are safe if and only if it is used properly. Remember that too much intake of something is always harmful. This may also be applicable to other kinds of substances or food supplements that you usually take so you must always be careful most of the times.