Cayenne Pepper for Blood Pressure

Medicinal herbs as well as some pain relievers had been proven to be effective for high blood pressure. This also applies for cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper blood pressure studies have shown its efficacy for the said condition. There are evidences showing that cayenne pepper can actually manage blood pressure, especially because of its content known as Capsaicin.

Capsaicin is a compound found in different types of pepper including cayenne pepper. It is the element that makes peppers hot. There are several studies that displayed how Capsaicin contributed to lowering blood pressure as well as blood cholesterol levels. In addition, it relieves people from atherosclerosis, which increases the risk for hypertension or high blood pressure.


A Closer Look at Its Major Benefits

There are quite a number of red pepper blood pressure benefits and the major ones include the following:

  • Blood Pressure is Lowered

With the proper dosage, cayenne pepper can help in lowering the blood pressure. This is because of the element in cayenne peppers known as capsaicin. Independent studies as well as drug company researches have shown that the blood pressure of hypertensive patients are reduced substantially when they took supplements with capsaicin.

However, this is only true as long as they took it in the appropriate dosage for their hypertensive case. This meant that there is no universal dosage to be followed and there will be a different dosage for each person.

  • Lightens the Blow of High Blood Pressure

Included in the cayenne blood pressure benefits would be the ability of cayenne pepper to lighten the blow of high blood pressure to a person. Cayenne pepper is an almost complete tool in managing high blood pressure. This is, again, all thanks to the element in cayenne pepper called capsaicin.

Capsaicin is discovered to aid in reducing the levels of blood cholesterol in the body. This means that if there are any damages brought about by high blood pressure in the blood vessels, cayenne pepper can solve it. If the blood cholesterol level is reduced, the chances of various cardiac problems will also be reduced.


Considerations and Warnings When Using Cayenne Pepper for Blood Pressure

Though many major drug companies have produced cayenne pepper blood pressure medication, it must be noted that there are still many considerations and warnings that should be kept in mind.

  • Always consult your doctor for appropriate dosages

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This is one of the most basic reminder that you should never forget, especially when taking natural supplements like red pepper. Though it is natural and serves to have many great benefits, it may have an adverse side effect if you will use it without your doctor knowing. You may suffer from:

  • Allergic reactions if you are allergic to cayenne pepper
  • Side effects brought about by dosage miscalculation as well as incompatibility with the other medications you may be taking
  • Never use cayenne pepper blood pressure medication as substitute to your major blood pressure medications

This is another important point to remember. This supplement, as good as it is, must not be used as a substitute to the medications prescribed to you. It is not a cure, but a supplement that can help in managing your blood pressure. You can take a look to some substitutes for cayenne pepper.